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The Porcupine Union IT team is an elite group of IT professionals. We’re like Ocean’s 11… But a much larger team and totes legit. We’re architects, business and test analysts, software and test engineers, scrum masters, UX and UI specialists, database specialists and data scientists, and we’re passionate about finding simple ways to do difficult things. We’re adept at resolving business issues by building software that combines back-end system development, machine learning and digital capabilities. We make sure that we understand each client’s unique requirements and the business value thereof, to ensure that we deliver the best possible solutions.

Your business’ IT challenges = things that make us happy.

Some of our work

Self-service portal

We have successfully digitized most of our manual processes in King Price. We aim to have all our most requested sales floor features live by the end of 2022.

Our services, expertise
and products

No one likes long lists, so sorry about this, but here’s a (very long) list of what the Porcupine Union IT team could do for your business:

Operations and service management.

Infrastructure and networking.

Security architecture and design.

Data warehousing, reporting, analytics and Big Data.

Telephony system implementation and integration.

Financial processing system development.

Integration architecture design and development.

Data-driven and AI-based rule and decision management.

Testing automation.

Software quality improvement.

Flutter SDK software.


Software development.

Machine learning and digital capabilities.

And here’s what the team has recently done for some of our clients:

Deploy and maintain a multi-national system that includes telephony, AI and digital channel integration.

Develop exceptional digital customer journeys in the form of self-service portals and mobile apps.

Develop a pay-as-you-drive car insurance product.

Win a Corinium Customer 360 Africa Award, on behalf of King Price Insurance, for being the brand
that delivers the best customer experience.

App development: Xamarin, IOS and Android.

Cloud computing: Azure and AWS.

SDLC implementation: Agile and Waterfall.

Microsoft eco-system: Azure, MS SQL and .Net.

Open source: Java, MySQL, PHP, Angular and React.

Machine learning: R, Python and Azure ML.

Our IT specialist

‘Technology can’t succeed without business acumen, in the same way that technology can’t succeed without embedded artificial intelligence. We aim to find the balance between technological sophistication and practicality, to ultimately deliver exceptional customer journeys that have a measurable impact on business performance.’

As CTO, Dr Eugene Wessels heads up the Porcupine Union IT team. His role is to deliver business optimisation and growth by aligning software development initiatives with analytical solutions, while ensuring a scalable cloud infrastructure. Eugene is a recognised and respected expert and is often invited to speak at industry events. Pretty impressive, hey?

Dr Eugene Wessels

Chief technical officer

Our other services