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Name it – we develop and teach it. Think it – we build and refine it.

For years, our accomplished human development and training team has been sharing their innovative training solutions with enterprises looking to maximise growth. Our diverse portfolio includes brands such as King Price, Stangen and NEXT, as well as individual business units (think sales, client services, finance and more).

And, while we believe that each business’ training needs are different, the need for development is constant… Whether your team’s flourishing or going through a rough patch, our training services can help you unlock a wealth of possibilities within your organisation.

Some of our work

Self-service portal

We have successfully digitized most of our manual processes in King Price. We aim to have all our most requested sales floor features live by the end of 2022.

Our services, expertise and products

In order to enrich your business’ training process, we offer solutions that speak to a wide range of challenges:

Training content development and facilitation

Culture/values-focused induction programmes.

Product training.

Soft skills training.

Leadership development programmes.

Compliance training

Short-term insurance full qualification.

Long term insurance full qualification.



Class of business (COB).

Continuous professional development (CPD).

Training systems development/management

Culture/values-focused induction programmes.

E-learning training platform development for internal and external learners.

Systems development/management

Vitalstatistix (QA system).

#GreatIdeas (innovation system).

Compliance system.

Venue hire and event hosting

Our human development
& training specialist

‘When it comes to developing products and services, our aim is clear: To add value and unleash potential. Anything less, and we’ve missed the mark.’

At the forefront of our training division, you’ll find Adele Beetge. This visionary training expert has 24 years’ experience and is constantly looking for new ways to unlock potential, inspire growth and equip staff with vital skills.

With an efficient team at her side (13 passionate professionals in total) Adele juggles responsibilities such as induction, on-boarding, personal development training and upskilling, efficiently and with a level head that would benefit any business.

Adele Beetge

Partner: Training

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