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According to recent studies, the next generation of consumers are focusing less on the products and services that businesses have to offer, and more on whether they can trust the brand behind it. Chalk this up to socio-cultural changes, or improved tech and research platforms… If consumers trust your brand, they'll buy your products and services. To keep up with the next generation of consumers, you need to adapt and improve constantly. This is where our brand team comes in: For years, we’ve been shaping, maintaining and spreading the image, voice and heart of numerous companies. Whether you’re looking to establish your brand identity, harmonise your marketing campaigns with your vision, or align content throughout your company, we’ve got the necessary skills, experience and drive to do it (and then some).

Some of our work

Self-service portal

We have successfully digitized most of our manual processes in King Price. We aim to have all our most requested sales floor features live by the end of 2022.

Our services, expertise
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Let's take your brand to the next level with:

Through the line brand strategy development and implementation.

Marketing spend management.

Copy and graphic design: Documentation | Product development

Through the line elements: Illustration | Websites | Content creation

Internal, external and stakeholder communication.

Media relations.

Our marketing specialist

Our task is simple: To disrupt. While tried and tested marketing methods certainly have their place, they can only take you so far. If you want to build a 1-of-a-kind brand, you need a 1-of-a-kind strategy.

Porcupine Union’s head brand marketing specialist, Natalie Bisset, juggles these titles seamlessly. And it’s no wonder… With close to 20 years’ experience in the marketing space, countless marketing success stories to her name and a tight-knit team by her side, she’s seen it all, faced every kind of challenge and emerged victorious every time. You name the obstacle, this marketing Wonder Woman has the solution.

Natalie Bisset

Marketer. Motivator. Team player. Disruptor. Innovator. Brand builder.
Porcupine Union’s head brand marketing specialist

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