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With tech on the rise, many businesses are taking an ‘adapt or die’ approach to their marketing game-plan. And with good reason… According to recent stats, there are billions of internet and mobile device users worldwide. (Nearly 70% of the global population, for those who were wondering.)

Enter Porcupine Union’s digital marketing experts… With more consumers taking to the cyber realm, we’ve made it our mission to craft and refine strategies and tech that tap directly into this space.

And the results are tangible. Look to brands like King Price and Stangen and you’ll see our team’s hand in online campaigns, social media content, Google ads and more. Look to us, and you’ll see the same marketing magic in your own empire.

Some of our work

Self-service portal

We have successfully digitized most of our manual processes in King Price. We aim to have all our most requested sales floor features live by the end of 2022.

Our services, expertise and products

Here’s how we can add value to your marketing model:

Strategy development.

Lead generation (emails and SMSs).

Social media management.

Search engine marketing: Search engine optimisation (SEO) | Google ads management

Display advertising.

Programmatic media buying.

YouTube/video marketing.

Marketing automation.

User experience (UX).

Marketing research.

Video production and editing.

Animated videos.

Product photography.

Our digital marketing specialist

‘Passion produces results… And in our team, there’s no shortage of dedication and drive! We’re committed to developing agile marketing tactics and building a sustainable online presence for your brand.’

As the head of Porcupine Union’s digital marketing division, Johan Barnard has spearheaded hundreds of online campaigns across multiple brands. His years of hands-on, practical experience are balanced by the theoretical knowledge he obtained while completing his Bachelors of Information Technology from the University of Pretoria… Making Johan a vital source for experience-driven and theoretically-informed strategies that produce results.

Johan Barnard

Partner: eBusiness

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