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What makes a company competitive? Sure, AI and Big Data, slick apps, innovative marketing, superior client care, and the lowest prices make your brand competitive. But what makes your brand human and relatable? Your people and their collective culture. Why is culture so important? It’s simple: It’s the one thing that truly makes you stand out as a company. It’s what makes your people bounce out of bed in the mornings, embrace innovation, and get closer to your customers. Or not. Every company has a culture but not every company has a positive, empowering culture. We can help you to change that.

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We have successfully digitized most of our manual processes in King Price. We aim to have all our most requested sales floor features live by the end of 2022.

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Our culture professionals host culture tours and days for schools, universities, businesses, and other organisations. Having worked with King Price Insurance for many years, we base our tours at their Pretoria office, where the Lego walls, arcade games and ping pong tables are an external representation of the culture we’ve helped them to create – as are the on-site clinic run by a professional nurse, the restaurant that serves up healthy meals daily, and the open-plan layout where no one, not even the CEO, has an actual office. But the essence of their remarkable culture can be seen in the way that the teams live the company’s values, embrace its purpose, and work together to meet company-wide goals and targets. This is where the real value of their culture comes to the fore. Why invest in a Porcupine Union culture day? Porcupine Union’s culture team works with companies wanting to create a culture that’s empowering and adaptive. Our culture days are FUN! They're also a deep-dive into the theory and practicalities that go into establishing, or changing, organisational culture. The full-day session discusses:

The meaning of culture.

Merging, aligning and measuring culture.

Establishing an adaptive culture.

The importance of having a purpose.

Culture models and processes.

Creating a 1-of-a-kind culture for your business.

If you’re keen to establish a company culture that excites, inspires and adds to your bottom-line, email [email protected] for more info.

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‘Culture drives real bottom-line growth. We estimate that creating a positive company culture for King Price has directly contributed to a combined rise of more than 50% in their shareholder value.’

Porcupine Union’s culture team is headed up by Marno Boshoff, a respected thought leader and international keynote speaker, who lists King Price’s ‘culture of insiders’ as his biggest success story. Proof of this could be the R50,000 cash amount that the insurer offers to pay new recruits who aren’t entirely happy and want to leave – which they’ve never once paid out. Proof could also be the number of academics, industrial psychologists and culture specialists who use King Price as a case study of a culture that’s built a successful company. We’re pretty proud of the unique culture we’ve created at King Price. It’s like a little rainbow nation inside of our own awesome rainbow nation.

Marno Boshoff

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